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Scheduled Maintenance

Maintaining a maintenance schedule for your ride is a useful tool that keeps cost down and proper function and appearance up. This allows work to get done in the most efficient, economical way possible.

Routine maintenance is most often oil and filter changes, tire rotations and various inspections.

Electrical & Diagnostics

An experienced technician will run a specialized diagnostic on your vehicle’s electrical system to determine the cause for malfunction and complete the necessary repair. A technician’s inspection of the car’s battery, case condition, and integrity can verify if it can produce ample power.

Diagnostic tests can reveal problems within a car’s engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes, and other major components, as well as performance issues with the fuel injector, air flow and coolant, ignition coils, and throttle.

Brakes & Suspensions

Brakes work with the steering and suspension to keep you safe on the road and to keep the other drivers safe with whom you share the road. If your suspension is off, your car will nosedive when you step on the brakes, which could cause damage to your car, especially if you have to panic stop.

When the brake system becomes impaired, it can lead to irreversible damage to the tires. Slamming on the brakes due to worn pads, rotors, and calipers, leads to unbalanced tires. This, in turn, affects the tires, causing them to wear down much faster than they should.

New and Used Tire Sales

New tires keep your car moving smoothly, but if they’re worn down unevenly or not balanced properly, you could be wasting lots of money on fuel. When your tires are off for any reason, it makes it more difficult for your vehicle to keep consistent contact with the road.

Used tires usually cost 30-50% cheaper than new ones, even if their condition is almost as good as new tires. The fact they were once mounted on a vehicle lowers the price of the tire itself. So you can get the best deal possible if you find a used tire, or even a full set, in good condition.

Customer Feedback

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